About the Grid Miner Launch on Steam

By James Peret – 5 hours ago in update

My second official game, Grid Miner, was released on Steam on May 3, 2022!

Now that the game has been released and a few days have passed, I can write about how it all happened.

Many great things happened during the game’s release. There were thousands of people playing, a lot of gameplay videos were posted on Youtube, some people streamed live on Twitch and the game had lots of reviews on Steam (most were positive!)

Up to now there were 20 gameplay videos made by Youtubers. Three of these videos were released by very popular channels and had more than 50K views. Steam also contributed with a lot of traffic, about 900K impressions and 77K views in the game’s product page during launch week. The video stream that ran for the entire launch windows had about 150K views.

The game has received 22 reviews so far, 16 positives and 5 negatives. Negative reviews are mainly concerned about the size of the game. There are only 10 real levels and an experienced player can finish in about 45 minutes. Also there were a lot of grammatical errors in the text, which some people got angry about and others made jokes. Another thing the players complained about was the timer. This made the game feel more like a grind than a relaxing experience. Most people want to get the Steam achievements and this made it a frustrating experience for some players. Others like this function.

Soon I’ll be releasing a game update, version 1.1, which I hope will fix most of the problems. The hardest part of this update is to create more levels. All other minor errors are already fixed.

I am very satisfied with the results. I hit all my targets and things happened as planned. Up next, I will publish the update 1.1. I’ll also be releasing the game’s soundtrack as a DLC and on other platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. There will be a bundle with a discount for all the products from Kairoscope. And in a few weeks, I will start developing my next project.

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